Here you can see some of the upholstery jobs that we have done recently, if you have something that you would like re-upholstered please feel free to email us at info@lovesalvage.com to discuss your requirements!

The chair on the left was a vintage Parker Knoll wingback armchair that a customer bought from us and wished to have re-upholstered. He selected a lovely 100% wool fabric from Abraham Moon Fabrics which we ordered for him with our trade discount, saving him a bit of extra cash. We then replaced the foam, webbing, re-covered the chair and sanded and waxed the legs. You can see the results in the picture below!                            

Needless to say our customer was delighted with the end result. For less than the price of a modern built armchair from a High Street retailer he managed to buy a classic Parker Knoll armchair and have it completely restored to his own specifications! Another advantage of this job is that this chair will last longer than a modern built chair as vintage armchairs tend to be structurally superior and of better build quality. If you are on a lookout for a vintage chair to be restored check out our Project Pieces section on this site or get in touch to ask us to source one for you.


The wingback armchair on the left was brought in to us by a customer who wanted the chair reupholstered two-tone with a patterned fabric on the front and a velvet on the sides and back. The chair came with a footstool and lumbar cushion which were also to be re-covered.  Our customer provided her own fabric and our expert upholsterer did the rest! Luckily this vintage chair had intact webbing and foam therefore just needed reupholstered and the legs painted. The final result is pretty stunning! Our customer was delighted with the job and the chair and stool will now tie in nicely with it's new home.